Careers Guidance

The Careers Team aims at providing information and advice on career choices and study opportunities for students in all forms.  In addition, students are provided with information and guidance about overseas study and assisted in their applications for scholarships, loans and academic and vocational programmes.  The Team is comprised of ten teachers with Careers Master Mr. T. F. Ng as the Convenor.

St. Paul's College Mentorship Scheme (co-organized with SPCAA)

The Mentorship aims to provide senior students with opportunities to gain a broader experience of the world of work and help them achieve their academic and careers goals through the guidance of our alumni mentors.  These emntors, who are all alumni, are people who have either achieved success in their academic disciplines or lived their aspirations in their professions.  The students are matched with their respective mentors based on their career and academic interests.

Under the scheme, the mentees may interact with their mentors in different types of activities, ranging from social gatherings to workplace visits, from informal chats to formal dinners.

The mentorship scheme has become an integral part of the assistance offered to our students from our alumni.  It has allowed our students to integrate themselves in the working community in a positive and constructive manner.

Useful Information

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