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Post Date: 19-April-2024
Outstanding Achievements in Arts Competitions

We are thrilled to announce that two talented students have recently been recognized for their exceptional achievements in separate competitions held by the EDB. Leung Chun Hei (4F) and Woo Sung Tak (6A) have showcased their remarkable skills and creativity, earning merit awards in their respective competitions.

Leung Chun Hei has been awarded a merit award in the 'Climate Change Mitigation Slogan Writing cum Poster Design Competition (Secondary School)'. His thought-provoking slogan and outstanding poster design demonstrate his commitment to raising awareness about climate change and its mitigation.

Meanwhile, Woo Sung Tak has received a well-deserved merit award in the 'Happy, Promising Little Sun & Friends' Mascot Design Competition. His exceptional design stood out among the entries, showcasing his artistic talent and ability to create a captivating mascot.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Leung Chun Hei and Woo Sung Tak for their exceptional accomplishments. Their dedication, creativity, and hard work have truly paid off.