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Post Date: 16-April-2024
College Scout Group achieved remarkable success in various competitions held on March 16-17, 2024, capturing 15 prizes

Here are the details:

1. Winners of 2024 Island Scout Trail Walk

The group emerged as the winners in the 2024 Island Scout Trail Walk. Members of our Scout Group participated in the Island Scout Trail Walk event on March 17, 2024, and achieved encouraging results in both the 25km and 50km competitions. In the 25km competition, they walked from Black's Link to the Peak, while in the 50km competition, they walked from Big Wave Bay to the Peak.

They secured the championship titles in the 50km (youth) competition and the 25km (scout) competition. They were awarded the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour Trophy and the Programme Committee Chairman Trophy.

Additionally, they achieved the 2nd runners-up position in the 50km (leader) competition and the 1st runners-up, 2nd runners-up, and 4th runners-up positions in the 25km (scout) competition.

The Island Scout Trail Walk is organized by the Scout Association of Hong Kong – Hong Kong Island Region as a charity fundraising activity. Teams of four participants are required to complete either 25km or 50km of the Hong Kong Trail. The names of the winners from the 10th Hong Kong Group are as follows:

25km Champion (Youth) Team:
- Kwok Yui Shu Louis (3F)
- Ho Man Yui Ray (3E)
- Chow Chun Lok Alvin (2F)
- Kwong Cheuk Kwan Isaac (3E)

25km First Runners-up (Youth) Team:
- Au Pak Ki Aiden (2B)
- Law Yui Chit Adrian (1A)
- Wong Cheuk Long Jayden (2B)
- Choi Ho Yan Caleb (2A)

25km Second Runners-up (Youth) Team:
- Sin Cheuk Ting Isaac (2E)
- Cheng Tsz Lok Carlos (3B)
- Au-Yeung Nicholas (2E)
- Wong Cheuk Kiu Brandon

25km Fourth Runner-up (Youth) Team:
- Li Wang Lok Jaden (2A)
- Chan Tsz Hei Caden (2A)
- Chau Kun Fung Moses (2E)
- Kam Wai Kin Kinson (2F)

50km Champion (Youth) Team:
- Lau Chi Hang Woody
- Chow Yi Lok Aidan (4A)
- Wong Hon Ming (Jason) (4B)
- Mak Chun Kei Daryl (3E)

50km First Runners-up (Youth) Team:
- Au-Yeung Anton (5B)
- Wong Po Fung Valere (5B)
- Lo Ming Yin Ron (5B)
- Leung Timothy Tsz Wo (2A)

50km Second Runners-up (Youth) Team:
- Poon Pang Chi Paul
- Wong Kam Shing Alex
- Wat Muk Hon Barney
- Choi Hong Chun Adrian

2. Notable Results in Chief Commissioner's Shield

The Cub Scout team achieved notable results in the Chief Commissioner's Shield. The Group's Cub Scouts secured the fourth position overall in the final round of the Chief Commissioner's Shield competition on March 17, 2024. They excelled in the individual events of knotting and tele-match, earning the championship and second runners-up positions, respectively.

The Chief Commissioner's Shield is the highest honor competition for Cub Scouts organized by the Scout Association of Hong Kong. It requires excellence in scoutcraft, leadership, and teamwork. Teams undergo selection competitions at the district and regional levels before qualifying for the final round.

3. Grasshopper Scout's Success at Western Distict Commissioner's Cup

The Grasshopper Scout team emerged as the champions and first runners-up in the Western District Commissioner's Cup competition on March 17, 2024.

4. Hong Kong's Best-Selling Group

The Group achieved the title of Hong Kong's best-selling Group in the 2024 scout raffle ticket campaign. They were presented with three prizes during the ceremony on March 16, 2024.

We congratulate all the winning teams on their excellent performances.