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Post Date: 10-April-2024
LOHAS Festa: SDG Action and Awareness Month Highlights

The first-ever LOHAS Festa on March 21st, an extension of the SPC SDG Challenges in March 2024, was an incredible event. Here are the highlights:

Kick-off Event: Parent-child Creative Plot-plant Workshop
- Parents explored the joy of gardening and creativity with their children.

From SDG Challenges on campus to LOHAS Festa for the community during the SDG Action and Awareness Month:

  1. Upcycled Folder Workshop: Creative solutions turned old folders into beautiful new ones.
  2. Origami Paper Folding Craft Workshop: Participants learned the art of origami and enjoyed a mindful experience.
  3. SDG Booths and Workshops: Engaging booths focused on recycling, mental health, energy saving, ethnic minorities, and the vintage market.
  4. Recycling Booth: A Kahoot Game tested recycling knowledge, and a DIY Workshop repurposed coffee grounds.
  5. Mental Well-being Booth: The Comment Wall & Zentangle allowed participants to share worries and goals while expressing themselves through Zentangle.
  6. Energy Saving Booth: The Shoot-off for Efficiency game taught energy-saving facts through a competitive shooting game.
  7. Ethnic Minorities Booth: Participants savored Vietnamese coffee and Thai tea, immersing themselves in cultural flavors.
  8. Vintage Market: A treasure trove of books where participants set their own prices!

We thank St John's Cathedral Life Enrichment Center, Kadoorie Farm Botanical Garden, Encompass HK, and Artista Perfetto for their support. We're thrilled to have St. Clare's Girls' School, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School, and St. Francis Canossian College join us!

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! Let's continue working together for a sustainable future.