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Post Date: 26-March-2024
Paws and Smiles Workshop

The Community Youth Club (CYC) of St. Paul's College, in collaboration with Hong Kong Red Cross Hospital Schools and The Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), jointly organized the "Paws and Smiles Workshop" on 9 March. The workshop aimed to promote inclusiveness and understanding towards animals among students from different schools.

Students from Hong Kong Red Cross Hospital Schools were invited to participate in the workshop held at St. Paul's College. The workshop provided an opportunity for students from both schools to develop a better understanding of animal needs and learn how to care for them. They also had the chance to interact with a dog ambassador and create cat sticks for the stray cats at the SPCA.

Furthermore, students from St. Paul's College took the initiative to share their campus life with the students from Hong Kong Red Cross Hospital Schools. They provided a campus tour, allowing the visiting students to familiarize themselves with the facilities and curriculum at St. Paul's College.

Overall, the workshop was a successful event, encouraging students to develop an understanding of the diverse needs of both people and animals within Hong Kong society.