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Post Date: 18-March-2024
Joint-School Low-Carbon Cooking Competition: Calling all Foodies and Eco-Warriors!

We are excited to announce the Joint-School Low-Carbon Cooking Competition between St. Paul’s College and St. Stephen’s Girls College!

In our commitment to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the SPC Ocean Park Seahorse Rangers showcased the culinary skills of our boys by creating delicious low-carbon salads and cold dishes.

The competition was a testament to teamwork, creativity, and healthy cooking techniques. Our aspiring chefs from both schools carefully selected locally-sourced ingredients and implemented innovative methods to reduce carbon emissions during food preparation.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as the participants presented their mouth-watering creations to our esteemed panel of judges, Ms. Lee, Vice Principal of SSGC, and Ms. Ng, Assistant Vice Principal of SPC. The dishes not only looked visually stunning but also emphasized the significance of sustainable food choices and their positive impact on our environment.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who participated in this culinary extravaganza! Your dedication, passion, and commitment to promoting a low-carbon lifestyle are truly commendable.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives as we continue to foster a culture of sustainability and healthy living in our schools and beyond! Together, we can make a difference.