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Post Date: 16-March-2024
'Happy Moments in Island South' Art Contest at the New 'Southside' Mall

Junior form students from our school enthusiastically participated in the ‘Happy Moments in Island South’ art contest, held at Southside, a newly established mega mall owned by the MTR Corporation and connected to Wong Chuk Hang station. This event aimed to promote community engagement and celebrate the unique culture of the Southern District by inviting schools and local artists to express the distinctiveness of the area.

LeonLollipop, an SPC alumnus and a talented local artist, led students from SPCPS and SPC in participating in the activity. He also shared his journey as an artist, thereby promoting the development of visual arts among teenagers.

We are proud to announce the five awarded students from our school: Tse Ka Ho Kendrew (1E), Mar Yat Long (2C), Chan Yin Wai (2D), Ng Kei Nam Jasper (2E), and Luk Hei Man (2E).

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition and appreciate the impressive collection of artworks, which showcase the creativity and artistic talents not only of SPC students but also of the young generation from our neighboring schools and local artists.