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Post Date: 16-March-2024
Detectives Unite: Sherlock Holmes Day

Hosted on Tuesday, 5 March as a part of English Week, this whole-school and full-day thematic activity was a success as in addition to English and the English Society, boys from different clubs and subjects ranging from physics to chess to History to Chinese calligraphy to astronomy and magic came together to put on different stalls and activities for their peers.

The activities were designed to encourage students – participants and hosts alike – to think outside of the box and integrate elements of Sherlock Holmes and detective mysteries and use English as the medium of instruction to bring this entire event to life. In addition to the activities, we had a food stall where members of the PTA helped sell British-inspired snacks and were able to experience the excitement and cheer from the boys when they were participating in the various activities and watching the magic performances.

This thematic activity was made possible entirely by the collective effort of the boys and teachers who took time out of their busy schedules to plan, promote, and host these activities for the whole school — well-done everyone!