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Post Date: 14-March-2024
Top Prize Winners in Sichuan-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Competition

We are pleased to announce that Lin Chun Kwan Andy (3A) and Ng Shing Hei Lincoln (2D) have been awarded First Honors prizes in the inaugural Sichuan-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Science Competition. They are among the four students who received First Honors prizes in the Secondary Section.

The first Sichuan-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Science Competition, organized by the Contact Station of Bauhinia Magazine and co-hosted by the Little Scientists, successfully attracted participation from hundreds of primary and secondary schools in Sichuan, Hong Kong, and Macao, with a total of over 6,000 students taking part. The competition aimed to inspire students' interest in science and promote exchange between these three regions.

In addition to evaluating students' knowledge in STEM, the competition also emphasized the application of skills in observation, practice, and creative thinking.

The prize presentation ceremony took place on 1st February. In attendance were government officials, including Mr. Clarence Leung Wang-ching, Under Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, who presented the awards.