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Post Date: 07-March-2024
Join Us for SDG Action and Awareness Month - Together, We Can Make a Difference!

As advocates for sustainability in education, our 2021-2024 School Plan emphasizes the importance of collective action in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is why we are dedicating an entire month this year to actions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

This year, we are broadening our scope and involving a more diverse group of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, SPCPS students, peers from other secondary schools, government departments, environmental organizations, social enterprises, and NGOs. Our goal is to forge a dynamic network of change-makers who can collectively make significant contributions to the SDGs.

To better prepare for the student-led activities, our Form 4F students took part in a programme titled "Contextualizing Sustainable City", organized by the Kadoorie Farm Botanical Garden (KFBG) in late February. The students' curiosity and commitment made a strong impression on the facilitators.

To kick off the month of activities, the Moral and Civic Team, in collaboration with the Citizenship and Social Development Department, co-hosted an educational talk on racial harmony for Form 4A-E students. Mr. Fahaid Mahmoon from the Race Relations Unit of the Home Affairs Department provided valuable insights on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. The students engaged eagerly with the speaker, deepening their understanding of multiculturalism.

Our Student Sustainability Ambassadors presented the upcoming highlights during the Opening Ceremony at the assembly on 6 March. We look forward to active participation from all Paulines during the SDG Action and Awareness Month.