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Post Date: 01-March-2024
STEAM Educational Tour and Exchange Programme by The Council of Central and Western District School Heads

During the STEAM Educational Tour and Exchange Programme organized by The Council of Central & Western District School Heads, our Principal Mr Dennis Yuen and Assistant Vice Principal Ms Amanda Ng, had the amazing opportunity to join 11 educators from six schools on a trip to London in late January. The purpose of this programme was to enhance our understanding of education technology and explore innovative teaching practices in schools abroad.

The journey began with visits to two independent schools in London. We were warmly welcomed by the school staff and given a comprehensive tour of their state-of-the-art facilities. Throughout our visit, we engaged in meaningful discussions with educators, exchanging best practices in 21st century education. We had the privilege of observing classes where students were actively involved in hands-on experiments, collaborative projects, and creative problem-solving tasks.

Apart from the school visits, Mr Yuen and Ms Ng also had the chance to visit BETT Show 2024 that presented the best and the brightest voices in education, technology and beyond across the globe. It was an unforgettable journey filled with learning, inspiration, and camaraderie. The knowledge and insights gained from this trip will undoubtedly benefit our students and contribute to the advancement of STEAM education in our schools.