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Post Date: 22-December-2023
Gospel Week - Part 2

Throughout the week, an exciting Stamp Game was held, giving students the opportunity to win a souvenir folder and bracelet. However, the highlights of Gospel Week came from the Christmas Carnival on Thursday and the Faith Sharing session on Friday.

The Christmas Carnival, organized in collaboration with the PTA, featured 12 stalls created by our talented and dedicated parents, along with the Christian Union. Snack stalls, game booths, and a wreath-making workshop were among the attractions. Students eagerly immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere, thoroughly enjoying the event and reluctant to part with their smiles as they returned to class.

During the Faith Sharing Session, Mr. Au-Yeung Ho Wing Herbert, a graduate from the class of 1991, shared his personal story of spiritual revival. He captivated students with his account of how God guided him towards a career in the Judiciary, granting him a new life and a sense of revival. Over a hundred students from all forms attended this remarkable gathering.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible parents and Mr. Au-Yeung for their invaluable contributions. Without their support and involvement, these events would not have garnered such popularity among students and teachers. We sincerely appreciate their efforts, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in next year's Gospel Week!