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Post Date: 20-December-2023
Gospel Week - Part 1: Triumpant Revival of Gospel Week!

Gospel Week was held from December 12th to 15th. The theme, Revival, not only signifies the resumption of Gospel Week but also represents the potential for spiritual change and personal revival during this week.

The Opening Ceremony on Tuesday was truly remarkable. Assistant vice-principals rolled away a large stone prop, revealing the word " Revival ". This symbolic act echoed Jesus rolling away the stone from His grave after His resurrection, signifying the revival and kick-off of Gospel Week.

The Christian Union's hymn sharing session was met with great enthusiasm, as students from all forms joined in a joyful singalong of carols and inspirational songs. It was a heart-warming sight, creating a lovely ambience as the afternoon filled with uplifting music and lively spirits.

On Wednesday, an exciting game session for F.1 & F.2 students took place. They participated in a series of Bible trivia games, including matching and puzzle solving, to win prizes for their classes.

Throughout the week, there was a song dedication booth where everyone had the opportunity to dedicate songs to others, which were then played throughout the school. Additionally, the Chinese Christian Literature Council hosted a book fair in the library.

Stay tuned for more updates on this year's Gospel Week!