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Post Date: 13-December-2023
Visitors from Raffles Institution, Singapore

We are thrilled to share the highlights from the remarkable visit of Raffles Institution to our College on December 7th. This special day brought together three esteemed teachers and three student teachers, along with six brilliant students from Raffles Institution, for an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.

The highlight of the visit was the Mathematics Olympiad Workshops, where our students and the guests from Raffles Institution delved deep into the fascinating world of mathematical challenges. The workshops were a hive of activity, buzzing with enthusiastic problem-solving and collaborative learning. Our students were particularly excited to engage in friendly mathematical challenges with our guests, showcasing their skills and learning new techniques.

These interactions not only fostered a deeper appreciation for mathematics but also strengthened the bonds of academic camaraderie between our two institutions. The exchange of knowledge and ideas was truly inspiring, making this visit a memorable one.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and students of Raffles Institution for this enriching experience and look forward to more such collaborative events in the future.