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Post Date: 13-December-2023
Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series 2023 [2]

In the Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series Part 2, we were delighted to have Mr. Yeung Kwok Mung, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Tom Group Limited, as our guest speaker.

During his speech, Mr. Yeung shared his life journey, which has been characterized by numerous changes. His story demonstrated how the world evolves every day and how he adapted his studies and career to cope with these changes, ultimately achieving success. Throughout his educational journey, he engaged in diverse pursuits, including a medical program in America, studies in French, philosophy, engineering, and more. Subsequently, Mr. Yeung gained valuable marketing experience while working for the renowned company Coca Cola. Seizing a lucrative business opportunity, he co-founded a company with a fellow alumnus, leading to substantial profits. Over time, he continued to pursue further development and accomplished notable achievements by joining various companies.

Drawing from his life story, Mr. Yeung concluded his speech by offering three important tips for students to navigate the ever-changing world: equip yourself, explore yourself, and build interpersonal relationships.