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Post Date: 27-November-2023
Distinguished Prefects Assembly series 2023 [1]

Our school had the privilege of inviting Mr. James Chan Yum-Min, a distinguished alumnus who graduated from St. Paul's College in 1988, to speak at the morning assembly on November 15, 2023. Mr. Chan currently serves as the CEO and executive director of the Hong Kong Housing Society. During his time at our school, he held various leadership positions, including the captain of the Oak House, a prefect, and a member of the Choir.

During his speech, Mr. Chan emphasized the significance of "lifelong learning" in a rapidly changing society. He shared that he is currently pursuing part-time studies at the University of Cambridge to deepen his understanding of sustainability. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of seizing every opportunity to acquire knowledge, as it is a crucial factor for success in the workplace.

In conclusion, Mr. Chan offered words of encouragement to our students. While cautioning that life does not always go as planned, he highlighted that challenges provide opportunities for personal growth and knowledge acquisition. He expressed his hope that students would take pride in being part of a school with a rich historical heritage.