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Post Date: 07-December-2023
The 61st Edition of Wayfarer

On 30 November, the whole school got a special sneak preview of the 61st edition of our school magazine, Wayfarer.

The English Editor-in-Chief, Yuen Cheuk Hei (6F), and the Chinese Editor-in-Chief, Leung Ming Hei (6F), gave a presentation at the assembly showing off some of the creative features the editorial board put together.

Designed by Woo Sung Tak (6A) and Chan Ho Fung Rio (6B), the magazine covers showcase collages of photos framed like the pages of a comic book to capture the vibrant spirit of the St. Paul's community. The editors said the comic book design was chosen to highlight the many stories and moments that made up our time at SPC over the past academic year.

Inside, there are feature articles, club reports, and artwork that showcase student life, from academics to arts to athletics. There are also plenty of photos from major school events, such as the 170th Anniversary Open Days, and everyday fun moments that Paulines shared with their friends.

Copies of the school magazine will be distributed to the subscribers between 12 and 15 December 2023. Don't miss out on getting your copy of this special 61st edition chronicling a year in the life of our school!