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Post Date: 07-November-2023
Paul's Breakthrough - Form 1 Camp 2023-2024

The Paul's Breakthrough programme, which aims to instil and cultivate in students three fundamental Pauline’s Identities: "Self-discipline, Perseverance, and Care”, represented by the College's initials "SPC", was successfully conducted in three training camps held from 18 to 20 October, 25 to 27 October, and 1 to 3 November, 2023. The collaboration between the Guidance Team, the Discipline Team, and the Cheung Chau Don Bosco Youth Training Centre made this programme possible.

Due to the pandemic, the College had to suspend the tradition of a 3-day, 2-night training camp for the past three years. However, we are pleased to share that all Form One students, accompanied by approximately 40 peer mentors and Form One Form Teachers, had the opportunity to actively engage in self-cooking, tent building, a wide range of adventure-based activities, and some new high-intensity activities such as wall climbing at the camp. The novel rainbow umbrella activity also added colours to the challenging team-building time.

It was truly heartening to witness the students’ approach and enthusiasm when taking on their tasks, and it is hoped that they will carry the belief in the 'SPC qualities' throughout their academic journey at the College.