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Post Date: 27-October-2023
Staff Wellness Development Day

20 October (Friday) marked the second Staff Development Day. To recognise the importance of teacher well-being, a day of events was organised with a focus on mental health. Our teachers enjoyed a fruitful morning reinvigorating their bodies and minds.

The day commenced with a practical session led by Mr. Raymond Lee, an experienced speech therapist, who shared useful tips for our teaching staff to use and protect their voice. Apart from emphasising the importance of hydration and rest, Mr. Lee also introduced a few techniques to help our teachers speak from their diaphragm and project their voice.

Following the informative session, our staff engaged in activities of their choice. Those who preferred physical recreation formed teams playing basketball, badminton or, despite the overcast weather, taking a stroll to the Peak.

Meanwhile, others opted for a serene experience in the Traditional Tea Ceremony Workshop under the guidance of Ms. Ka-tou Chow, a renowned Tea Master, and immersed themselves in the art of tea preparation. The zen-like atmosphere provided a precious opportunity for participants to indulge in tranquillity amidst their busy lives.

In the Mosaic Art Workshop, attendees crafted their own candle holders, listening to traditional Turkish music while teachers attending the Aromatherapy Wax Candle Workshop personalised their own candles. The souvenirs the teachers took home not only promoted mindfulness, but also lifted their spirits.

Overall, the Staff Development Day was a success, enabling our dedicated teachers to prioritise their own health and well-being.