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Post Date: 08-October-2023
Visit to HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine

On Thursday, 5 October, a group of about 50 students visited the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine (HKUMed).

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to use cutting-edge augmented reality and virtual reality technology to deepen their understanding of the human body. They also learned how to draw blood, perform vaccinations, and clean wounds. The aspiring medical professionals then attended a taster lecture by Dr Ho Joshua Wing Kei about the use of big data in the medical system. After the taster lecture, the students were engaged in identifying the chest X-rays of pneumonia patients with the use of a mobile app developed by the faculty. The visit concluded with an information session by our alumnus Dr Lee Ho Fun Victor, Assistant Dean (Assessment) of HKUMed; and sharing by five alumni who are current HKU MBBS students.

The eye-opening experience offered the students insights into diverse disciplines in the medical field, including biomedical sciences, clinical medicine, and nursing.