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Post Date: 05-October-2023
National Day Flag-Raising Ceremony

On 1 October, we celebrated National Day with a solemn flag-raising ceremony on campus. The event brought together Principal Mr. Yuen, Assistant Vice Principal Ms. Wong, and teacher advisors Mr. P.M. Choy and Ms. H.Y. Chan, alongside 13 students.

The ceremony began with Flag-raising Team members Gao Yang (2A), Chau Kun Fung Moses (2E), and Xiang Alan (2F), proudly raising the flag. Additionally, Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassadors Wong Chit (2C), Chan Cheuk Hei (1C), and Fan Henry (1D) delivered an insightful briefing on our national flag, national emblem, and national anthem, highlighting their rich symbolism and historical significance.

This event served as a powerful reminder of the values and principles that unite us as a nation, while also emphasizing the importance of honouring our cultural heritage. The active participation of our students showcased their commitment to fostering citizenship, patriotism, and pride within our school community.