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Post Date: 06-September-2023
Job Shadowing and Internship Programme 2023

Our summer job shadowing and internship programme offered students an eye-opening opportunity to observe alumni in their work routine, and an immersive experience in a chosen career field. Co-organised by the Careers and Life Planning Team and the Alumni Association, the programme facilitated mentoring relationships between alumni and current students, and enhanced students’ understanding of workplace dynamics. The students gained exposure to different professions, including accounting, education, financial planning, interior design, law, the media, medicine and physiotherapy.

Many thanks to the following alumni who contributed to the success of the programme:

Mr. Herbert Au Yeung, Mr. Garry Chan, Mr. Jack Chan, Dr. Kacey Hau, Mr. Alex Kot, Mr. Simon Lai, Mr. Bosco Lau, Dr. Ka-ki Lau, Mr. Ivan Lau, Mr. Kevin Leung, Prof. Raymond Liang, Mr. Lawrence Lui, Mr. Kenneth Pang, Mr. Chi-hong Poon, Dr. Keith Wan, Mr. Alex Wong, Mr. Cassidy Wong, Mr. Martin Wong, Mr. Wilson Wong, Mr. Wai-kit Yip, Dr. Matthew Yu and Mr. Tim Yu.

More photos about this programme are available at our school Facebook.