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Post Date: 16-March-2023
Peer Mentors and Mental Health Ambassadors to boost campus wellness

A group of Form 4 Peer Mentors and Mental Health Ambassadors from the Guidance Club have recently received their Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certificates.

They completed the 12-hour training course for the MHFA Certificate in July and August 2022 and passed the assessment at the end of the training. The course was conducted by an MHFA instructor, accredited by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, a local non-profit organization authorized by the Mental Health First Aid International to issue MHFA Certificates.

The Peer Mentors and Mental Health Ambassadors have learnt about the protective and risk factors of youth with mental health concerns, as well as effective strategies to cope with them. They are ready and confident to give support to their schoolmates who need help with emotional management issues. They will also take an active role in promoting mental health and wellbeing on campus.