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Post Date: 04-August-2022
Going the extra mile at SPC

2021-2022 has certainly been an interesting year for us all; despite all of the government-imposed restrictions and mandates, our boys at SPC continued to participate in various English Department events and competitions that still remained open and pushed hard to meet respective competition organizers’ submission and performance requirements, all the while keeping their health in check at school and in the community.

As the school year draws to a close, we came together as a community to take the time to personally acknowledge our students for their hard work, dedication and perseverance. Despite the trying circumstances, they still victoriously came home with various certificates and awards for:

A) Hong Kong Drama Festival

(1) Outstanding Performer Award: CHOW Cheuk Hei (5F)

(2) Outstanding Cooperation Award: St. Paul's College

B) The 73rd English Speech Festival

Solo Verse Speaking (Non-Open)

CHIU Leung Shun Colin Joannis (1A): 3rd place
HUI Chun Ching Donald (1B): 3rd place
LAI Akio (1E): 3rd place
HO Shing Kwan Anson (3B): 3rd place
Lawrence WAI (1A): 2nd place
CHEUNG Ting Yu (1D): 2nd place
CHEUNG Gabriel Yat Kiu (2B): 2nd place
WONG Tsz Ho Ian (2D): 2nd place
Marcus BATRA (3B): 2nd place
HO Shing Hin (3F): 2nd place
OOI Ee Ye (4D): 3rd place
LUN Yui Chit (4F): 2nd place
CHAN Wang Yan (5D): 1st place

Solo Prose Reading (Non-Open)

TSANG Tsz Hei (1A): 3rd place
CHOI Kwok Hi Elvis (1B): 3rd place
LAI Ming San (2B): 3rd place
YU Chi Lam (2E): 1st place
KWOK Chung (5A): 1st place
CHAN Wang Yan (5D): 1st place

News Feature Presentation

CHAN King Yeung (3E): 3rd place

Bible Speaking

LAW King Yin (5C): 3rd place

C) Inter-class Competitions

F3 English Radio Drama Competition: 3E

D) English Writing Competitions

MiYoung Writers Award 2022

Top 50 Finalists: LAM Tai Yin (3A), FAN Siu Lung (3C), SHIU Chun Fai (3D) and WONG Kin On Christopher (3F)

The 18th Biliteracy & Trilingualism Composition and Speech Competition

Best English Composition: NGAI Matthew Hon Hin (5C)

Congratulations once again to all of our boys!