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Post Date: 21-June-2022
Athletics and Archery Teams bag a haul of awards

With social distancing measures relaxed, our sports teams are back in action and have participated in various inter-school competitions over the past two weeks.

In particular, our archers and athletes did exceptionally well and came home with a haul of medals and trophies.

The Archery Team were placed 2nd for C Grade, 3rd for B Grade and 4th for A Grade, and they came 3rd overall.

On the track and field, the Athletics Team also put on a strong performance despite inclement weather conditions. After two days of keen and tough competition, they came away with 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals with the B Grade team ranked 4th among the 23 participating schools in the division.

Congratulations to all our archers and athletes on their outstanding results.