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Post Date: 10-June-2022
Wellness Day 2022: A Timeout for Students to Unwind Outside the Classroom

As exam season is right around the corner, the Guidance Team, together with the school social workers, has held a Wellness Day to help students beat the exam stress and learn some mental health strategies through fun and creativity.

After the second recess on 8 June, our Wellness Ambassadors and Positivity Ambassadors ran a host of relaxing activities for Form 2 students – including fun game booths offering mental and skill challenges, a snapshot booth with fun props, wellbeing-themed Kahoot quizzes, self-improvement card games, leather craft making, coffee latte art, mindful painting on sackcloth bags, to name but a few.

The Form 2 classes were eager to write notes of cheer to their friends and teachers and put them up on two wishing walls at the podium. They also took part in a vote on the best inspirational messages in the school hall.

Active participants had a chance to get a ‘wellness bag’ containing a squishy stress ball, a pack of dried fruit mix and a folder printed with inspiring words.

Overall, the day was a great success. It provided a well-deserved break for the Form 2s to get away from their normal classes, and simply relax!