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Post Date: 09-October-2021
'Paulines Serve' Campaign

The 'Paulines Serve' Campaign is a new initiative launched in celebration of the 170th Anniversary of the College.

It aims to extend our students’ ability to contribute to society and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The first promotional poster features a dandelion flower, which symbolizes tenacious vitality and the spread of love. The way dandelions disperse their seeds is like how we as members of the SPC family spread our love and care to others as we serve the community with commitment and dedication.

The launch of the 'Paulines Serve' campaign is also the first step towards building an extensive network of members of the SPC community who are actively involved in community service. If you are a student, a parent, a staff member or one of our alumni, we would love to hear how you have served or are serving people in the local community and beyond!

Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page to find out what other members of the SPC community are doing to make positive changes to our community and our world!

"All for each and each for all."