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Post Date: 20-October-2021
The 28th SPC PTA Annual General Meeting

The 28th SPC PTA Annual General Meeting was successfully held in the school hall last Saturday. Despite a week’s postponement, there was a high turnout of both members and non-members with almost 100 parents in attendance.

Also encouraging was that there were as many as 11 parents running for four committee positions for this academic year; and the election was smoothly conducted during the meeting.

Apart from the election, Mr. Johnny Li, the current PTA Chairperson, delivered a review of the activities held over the past academic year. Notwithstanding disruptions and restrictions due to the pandemic, the PTA managed to run a series of events and functions, ranging from the first-ever Forms 1 & 2 parents online sharing session to Campus Service Day to a talk jointly organised with the PTA of King’s College.

Principal Dennis Yuen also took this opportunity of meeting with the parents to unveil the strategic plan, which sets out the directions for the College for the next three years.

The plan, as detailed by Mr. Yuen, is structured around three organic concepts: ‘the mind’, ‘the heart’ and ‘the hands’. He further elaborated the interrelationships between them in three succinct sentences:

‘We nurture the mind to turn information into knowledge. We nurture the heart to turn knowledge into wisdom. We nurture the hands to turn wisdom into action.’

Mr. Yuen informed the parents that the whole school will continue to move forward in the coming three years with these three strategic imperatives as guiding principles.

Now that the new PTA committee has been formed, the College will work in close partnership with the parents, putting the wellbeing and the holistic development of their children above everything else, while at the same time having their best interests at heart.