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Post Date: 26-March-2021
Careers and Guidance Programme on Last School Day for Form 6 DSE Students

The Careers and Life Planning Team and the Guidance Team put together a careers and guidance programme on the last school day for this year’s Form 6 DSE students.

During the event, Mr. T. F. Ng, Careers Master, reminded the F.6 classes about important dates for university applications, and gave them useful tips about study skills and interview techniques. Ms. S. M. Yu, Guidance Mistress, took the students down memory lane and presented an array of pictures, which chronicled the students’ growth in secondary school life. She also suggested coping skills for different emotions to empower students to embrace challenges at university and in their future life.

Ms. Wendy Fung and Mr. Cyrus Kong, the two social workers, explained strategies for exam preparation and shared their personal experience with students. The day ended with a prayer asking for God’s blessing.

We wish this year’s DSE students all the very best with their revision as they are preparing for public exams.