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Dear Parents, Old Boys and Friends, 2013 marks an important milestone in the history of St. Paul’s College with the opening of the primary school’s new Victoria Road campus. We are grateful for the support we have received from the St. Paul’s College family. This is the fruit that has been cultivated and grown for years. To enable us to achieve the overarching priorities grounded in our mission and to fulfill our vision for the future, we will be launching a fund-raising campaign for the development of the primary school. This serves to empower us to achieve continuous improvement by upgrading the school facilities and enriching our resources, which are necessary to further advance our students’ opportunities for diverse learning and development. As the College’s first comprehensive fund-raising effort, the campaign also creates an unprecedented opportunity for our supporters to establish a lasting legacy through the new campus facility naming project. There are different ways of making your gift to the St. Paul’s College. The success of our campaign depends on the generous support from every one of you. Please join us in our stride towards greater excellence. Dr. Cheng Cheuk Sang, Arnold ChairmanSt. Paul’s College Foundation LimitedSt. Paul’s College Council
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Message from the Secretary
Message from the Chairman
St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited, formally established in 2008, has been set up to expand the resources available to provide a first class learning environment for our boys, both Primary and Secondary.  We are encouraged to see the support of the alumni who join the Foundation as voting members or ordinary members.  Some are even serving as Executive Committee members of the Foundation.  Their expert advice as well as the time they spent on attending general meetings are deeply appreciated. We are grateful to our alumni who have pledged their support in upgrading the facilities of the College.  The years of 1966 and 1968 have pooled resources, each over a million dollars, to help with the renovation of two rooms in the Wong Ming Him Hall, where they first attended our College.  The year of 1979 decided to raise funds to help improve the audio equipment of the College Hall, after organizing their reunion dinner there.  The replacement of the organ in the College Hall, funded by donations to the Foundation, has significantly enhanced the singing of hymns in the morning assembly, a vital part of school life in St. Paul’s College.  In addition, a new piano was purchased by Mr. Ip Ka Chai for the Music Department. The support of our alumni is also extended to various fields of interest.  Mr. Tenny Doone established the Doone Brothers Travelling Fund to subsidise students in need to pay for their overseas service tours.  Mr. Cecil Ko is particularly interested in helping the school with the provision of sports training and has made annual donations for the purchase of indoor rowing machines and hiring of professional coaches for our football team.  This has definitely boosted the spirits of our sports teams and is evident in the excellent results they achieved in various competitions.  Mr. Benjamin Lee, a voting member and an Exco member of the Foundation, has established a scholarship in Brown University in the  United States and St. Paul’s students will be given priority.  Apart from sponsoring first fund-raising dinner of the Foundation – the Stewart Dinner, Mr. Lee also makes annual subsidies to the Foundation for the payment of clerical staff to help with the administration work of the Foundation. Our gratitude also goes to the parents of the Primary School for their donations to the Foundation.  With that, we have funded the purchase of the Grand Piano in the School Hall and also subsidized the renovation of the Language Room on the second floor of the new site.  In view of the need to expand and improve the resources of the Primary School, the Foundation sponsored the printing of the “Footprints” to commemorate the relocation of the Primary School and will embark on a major fund-raising campaign for this purpose.  For the first time in the history of St. Paul’s College, there will be an opportunity for friends, alumni and parents of the College to place their name or the name of someone they wish to honour on one of the spaces in the new campus.  In the spirit of La famiglia, the Foundation serves as a link between the School and the  St. Paul’s community, be it graduates or parents of the Primary School and Secondary School. To this end, the Foundation facilitates the organization of reunion functions at school. Many reunion functions organized by different year groups have been held in the College Hall or the Wong Ming Him Hall, the oldest building in the Bonham Road Campus. These are occasions when alumni can take a walk down memory lane and revive their fond memories of the old school days.  To raise funds for the College, two fund-raising dinners have been organized: the Stewart Dinner in honour of our first Principal on the Bonham Road site and the 60th Anniversary dinner to commemorate the relocation of  St. Paul’s College to the Bonham Road site.  Another major fund-raising effort is a Gala Dinner that will be held in the Primary School Hall on November 15, 2013 and this is an unprecedented event not to be missed. Ms Josephine Ho Secretary St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited
Message from the Secretary
   Kan Shiu Cheong Frederick Ko Shu Kai Cecil  Lam Cheuk Hon Anthony Lam Kin Tsang  Lau Julian Lau Tak Wai Colin Lee Kai Yiu Benjamin  Lee Pak Cheung James Lee Yuen Mei  Leung Wing Chung Micky  Lo Wing Cheong Vincent  Ng Kin Chuen Ng Wai Man Terence                 Shun Chi Ming  Ting Woo Shou Kenneth Tam Kar Fai Tong Tak Cheung  Tsang Kin Pang Paul              Tse Sik Yan  Tse Wing Kin Kevin  Wong Ching Keung Wong Kam Shing  Wu Po Him Philip  Yuen Fung Ming  Yung Yue Hung Paul
Chairman: Dr. Cheng Cheuk Sang, Arnold Vice Chairman: Mr. Yuen Dick Yan, Dennis Ex-Officios:  Mr. Hui Yeung, Taylor Mr. Pong Yuen Sun, Louis Appointed Members :  Mr. Fung Hao Yin, Vincent  Mr. Luk Koon Hoo, Roger Mr. Mo Wan Cheung, Arthur Mr. Mok Yu Sang, Wilson Elected Members :  Mr. Au-yeung Ho Wing, Herbert Dr. Chan Man-Chung  Mr. Chung Kwok Keung, Simon Mr. Lee Kai Yiu, Benjamin   Secretary : Ms. Ho Kwai Ming, Josephine 
Executive Committee 2015
Lee Tak Yan Andrew            Lee Wah Fai Samuel Lee Wing Choi Ernest               Leung Wai Kei  Leung Yuen Wing ClementLing John Lu Xiaomei Lui Siu Fung  Luk Chak Leung Lung Yue Cheung  Mak Fook Yiu                       Ng Hak Yin Thomas Ng Ka Yee  Ng Man Wai Vivian    Ng Siu Nga Miranda Ong Fu Hui Alice Shih Michael                          Siu Shing Chung                     Sze Heung Kwai Fion  Sze Tat Ming Tin Shu Chun Nicholas Tong Peter Tse Lap Sang                         Wong Bun Hung Christopher     Wong Keneth  Wong Kwok Kei Wong Tak Yam Audie           Wong Wing Kun Wu Lang Meng Anthony        Yip Hon Fai Yip Lilian Yu Helen  Yung Wing Cheung Zhang Qiaochun
St. Paul's College Foundation Limited
(Membership Form for download)
The St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited was established to enhance the quality of teaching in St. Paul’s College, Hong Kong through supporting any education services that are conducted based on Christian principles as professed by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. There are two types of invited members of the Foundation: (1) Voting Members  Any person or organisation who has made a charitable donation of no less than HK$25,000 to the Foundation or the School shall be eligible to apply for the membership of Voting Members of the Foundation. (2) Ordinary Members  Any person or organisation who has made a charitable donation of no less than HK$5,000 to the Foundation or the School shall be eligible to apply for the membership of Ordinary Members of the Foundation. Donations are cumulative and an invitation would be sent to any qualified person who is interested in promoting and furthering the objectives of the Foundation. No admission fees shall be payable by the applicant on his/her admission as a member. For more details, please contact the Foundation Secretary or email to Tel: 2859 8441      Fax: 2559 7075 Address: 69 Bonham Road, Hong Kong   
List of Members
Apollo Singers Company LimitedAu-Yeung Ho Wing Herbert   Chan Chau-Yuen  Chan C.L. Henry  Chan Fook Cheung Elvis               Chan Kai Chuen Kim Chan Kar Ching Kenneth Chan Kin Wah Chan Man-Chung  Chan Sai Lock Patrick  Chan Shing Hin Jonathan Chang Ka Mun  Cheung Kie Chee James  Cheung Kok Kee Philip  Chin Chi Ho Joe  Choi Kim Lui  Chow Hing Ping  Chow Y.W. Philip Choy Chi Wan Chung Chi Ho Ellis  Chung Kwok Keung Simon  Doone Tenny  Gaw, Henry  Ho Yiu Tai Gallant  Ip Ka Lam   
Voting Members
Chan Catalina Chan Hon Kwong                 Chan Kar Kui Chan Lai Kei  Chan Man Hay Bryan Chan Tung Yuen Chan Wai Leung  Chau Chi Wo, Ricko Cheng To Chung Cheung Siu Tim Choi Wing Hung, Derek Chow Wai Hung, Kenneth Du Tze Kei Ian Fung Chun Sing Ho Chuen Yan Robert            Ho Kwong Wing Ho Pui Yue Hung Yen Hui Kwo Shino Ip Fong Cheng  Ip Kelvin  Lai Chiu Leung Lai Sik To Thomas  Lai Siu Kin Rembert               Lam Shiu Yuen Tony Lam Siu Ming Simon Lau Ching Lau Kar Shun Lau Ting Cheung Lau Ying Yu Patrick Law Cho Kwong  Law Sau Yee Clare Law Wai Hin   
Ordinary Members
2013 marks a year of great significance to St. Paul’s College with the successful relocation of the primary school to the new Victoria Road campus.  With multiplied space and upgraded facilities, the new campus is designed to provide an excellent learning environment for our students. It houses 24 standard classrooms, an assembly hall, a chapel, two computer rooms, a media studio, multiple teaching rooms, a student activity room and other special facilities.  Here students can benefit from a broad range of sports and recreational facilities that are conducive to their all-round development. Efforts were made to build a healthy and eco-friendly school equipped with energy saving systems. Funding Needs The Primary School is embarking on a journey of continuous improvement, with the aim of enhancing our resources for expanding the number of junior classes in each grade, enhancing the curriculum and extra-curricular programmes, improving our teacher-student ratio, staff recruitment and development. Meanwhile, thoughts are also being put forth to plan for an in-campus swimming pool. Other environmentally friendly initiatives are under planning and are scheduled to commence in the coming years. While these facilities are above standard provisions, we need extra funding to realize our plans.
Funding Needs
Campaign Activities
Fund-raising Dinner
Campaign Activities The College Council, in collaboration with the St. Paul’s College Foundation, is launching a fund-raising campaign for a more comprehensive development of the Primary School.  To highlight the campaign, an opening ceremony was held on 9th November, 2013 to officiate the opening of the Victoria Road campus, during which we will give thanks to all our supporters and sponsors for making our new campus a reality. This was followed by a Gala Dinner on 15th November to celebrate our new campus opening.
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Fund-raising for the Primary School Gala Dinner 2013
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St. Paul's College Alumni Association Fund-raising Dinner 2014
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Fund-raising Dinner 2014
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2015 Fund-raising Wine Dinner
Small Group Teaching Room    
General Studies Room (6/F) - HK$100,000
Assembly Hall (3/F) - HK$5,000,000
Tuck-shop (Reserved)
Language Room A (2/F) - HK$200,000
Multi-Purpose Room (G/F) - HK$500,000
For more information about naming a room, please contact: St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited Ms. Josephine Ho Tel: 2859 8441  Email:     
Roof Lawn
 Room 100  (Reserved)  Room 300   Room 400  Room 500  Room 600
The success of our fund-raising campaign depends on your generous support. The following are some opportunities for giving to the Foundation. All gifts will be appropriately recognized.
Phase I (completed)
Primary School Facility Naming Rights
Class Gifts 
Primary School Facility Naming Rights
Here is the opportunity for you to make a gift to the College and place your name or the name of someone you wish to honour on one of the spaces in the new primary school campus. The amount of donation is negotiable and donors are encouraged to give generously for such a meaningful cause. Potential donors are welcome to discuss their interests and wishes with the Foundation Secretary. Please note the acceptance and recognition of gifts are subject to the endorsement of the College Council. The decision of the College Council in allocating the naming rights would be final. Payment by installments is negotiable.
General Donations
Computer Assisted  Learning Laboratory 1 (5/F) - HK$300,000
Playground (6/F)  (Reserved)
Souvenirs for Sale
Visual Arts Room B (6/F) - HK$350,000
Computer Assisted  Learning Laboratory 2 (5/F) - HK$300,000
Roof Deck
Music Room A (2/F) - HK$200,000
Staff Common Room (4/F) - HK$100,000
Conference Room (1/F) - HK$250,000
Music Room B (6/F) - HK$200,000
Language Room B (6/F) - HK$200,000
Covered Playground (1/F)
Visual Arts Room A (2/F) - HK$350,000
Media Studio Room (5/F) - HK$500,000
Student Activity Room (G/F) - HK$300,000
Phase II
Library (3/F) - HK$1,000,000
 (Donation Form here for download)
Class Gifts  Alumni from the class of the same graduating year are encouraged to join hands and make a class contribution.  Please download the donation form below and send it to the Foundation Secretary.
General Donations We invite you to make a donation to the Foundation. Please make your contribution, no matter how big or small, by filling in the donation form and returning it with a cheque payable to St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited.  
2015 Secretary’s Report
The success of St. Paul’s College Foundation is the result of the support from not only our alumni but also our parents and their friends. It is my pleasure to report an increase of ten voting members and one ordinary member. This brings the total membership to one hundred and seventeen, fifty of which being voting members.  Our members have shown support by responding to our donation appeal every time. I must express our gratitude to our Executive Committee Member Mr. Mok Yu Sang Wilson, Voting Members Mr. Chan Fook Cheung Elvis, Mr. Chan Kai Chuen Kim, Mr. Cheung Kok Kee Philip, Mr. Ho Yiu Tai Gallant, Mr. Choi Kam Lui, Mr. Colin Lau, Mr. Julian Lau, Mr. Ng Wai Man Terence, Mr. Ting Woo Shou Kenneth, Mr. Tsang Kin Pang Paul, Mr. Wu Po Him Philip and Ordinary Members Dr. Chan Man Hay, Mr. Chow Wai Hung Kenneth, Ms. Kwo Shino Lai Kwan, Ms. Ng Siu Nga Miranda, Mr. Lee Wah Fai Samuel, Mr. Luk Chak Leung, Mr. Lung Yue Cheung Raymond, Ms. Sze Heung Kwai, Ms. Helen Yu, for their prompt response to our annual appeal . We are also grateful to the parents of both our College and the Primary School for the kind donations to the annual fund raising dinner.  Our alumni have also responded favourably to our appeal for sponsorship to the Summer Concert programme book. They are our Executive Committee members Dr. Chan Man Chung, Mr. Hui Yeung Taylor and our members Mr. Chung Chi Ho Ellis, Mr. Ting Woo Shou Kenneth, Mr. Tsang Kin Pang Paul, Dr. Wong Kam Shing, Mr. Wu Po Him Philip, Mr. Leung Yuen Wing Clement, Mr. Lung Yue Cheung Raymond, Mr. Nicholas Tin, Mr. Luk Chak Leung and members of the St. Paul’s College Alumni Association, Dr. Ng Ping Sum Sammy, Mr. Reuben Wu, Mr. Hon Yee Leung Francis, Mr. Chiu Tsz Sum Sam, Mr. Leung Nai Ping and Mr. Chiu Pit Hong Alan. With the donation of HK$350,000 from Dr. Yung Yue Hung Paul, the first phase of the room naming project has been successfully completed. Mrs. Yvonne Chan and the Council gave consent to the launch of the second phase so as to raise funds for the further development of the new Primary School campus. The list of special rooms for naming will soon be released and friends of the College are welcome to discuss with our Foundation Secretary if they would like to name one of the rooms on the list.  Throughout the years since the establishment of the Foundation, we have received unfailing support from our alumni. In the year 2015, we have received generous donations from the Apollo Singers Company Limited as well as its members who are all ardent supporters of our alumni choir. We must also thank our graduates who remembered us while celebrating their reunion. We have received donations from the graduates from the year of 1979, 1984 as well as the medical group. I must not forget to mention a donation to the Foundation I received from my past student from the year of 79, Mr. Leung Wing Chung, at my birthday party.   Once again I would like to thank our Executive Committee member, Mr. Benjamin Lee for his generous donation to the Foundation to pay for an extra office staff. This is one important factor for the effective day to day administration of the Foundation. Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank our many parents and friends who have generously donated to the Foundation during the year 2014-15. They are    Mr. Cham Tsz Ming  湛子明先生   Mr. Chan Kwan Shing, William 陳鈞勝先生   Ms. Shirley Chan 陳瑞儀小姐   Ms. Christine Chan 陳惠英小姐   Ms. Chan Wai Yee 陳慧儀小姐   Mr. Frank Cheng   鄭毅鵬先生   Mr. Dane Cheng Ting Yat   程鼎一先生   Mr. Cheung Chi Hung   張志雄先生   Ms. Selena Chiu   趙綺雯小姐   Ms Choi Tak Yi   蔡德兒小姐   Ms. Gloria Chong Lai Wah   莊麗華小姐   Ms. Jacqueline Chow   周淑嫦小姐   Ms. Vicky Chow   周韻怡小姐   Ms. Chu Wai Wai   朱偉蔚小姐  Ms. Huen Suk Wah 禤淑華小姐   Mr. Ip Siu Wai   葉少偉先生   Mr. Raymond Kwok   郭家聲先生  Mr. Lai Yik Sze Wallace 黎易思先生   Mr. Lam Kit Wilson 林杰先生   Ms. Lau Wai Yee   劉慧儀小姐   Ms. Lee Man Yee   李敏兒小姐   Ms. Li Chun Ming, Janet   李震明小姐   Mr. Leung Chik Wa   梁赤華先生  Ms. Li Ngam   李岩小姐   Mr. Lin Kai Wai   練繼維先生   Ms. Liu Chee Kwan Vennis   廖芷筠小姐   Mr. Lo Kam Wah   盧錦華先生   Mr. Vincent Lo   羅家勤先生   Mr. Pak Cheung Shing William 白祥勝先生   Ms. Tam Chi Ling   譚芝苓小姐   Mr. Tong Chi Hung   唐志雄先生   Wing On Jewelry Ltd.   永安珠寶金行  Mr. Wong Chi Tak   王志德先生   Mr. Wong Ching Keung   王正強先生  Mr. Wong Sze Chun   黃仕進先生   Ms. Yau Sin Yu Iris   邱倩瑜小姐   Mr. Yau Wai Hong Niki   丘偉康先生   Mr. Yip Koi Tin   葉蓋天先生   Mr. Yue Wing Kei Eddie 余永基先生  Please be assured that your donation will be used for the furtherance of the quality education we have always been proud of.
Letter to Parents/Guardians of  165th ANNIVERSARY SPONSORED RUN  Sunday, 25th September, 2016 
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SPC 165th Anniversary 10 KM Sponsored Run
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